TV Licence

TVL is administered by Capita, a piece of shit company that will hound you and lie if it can screw you for a TV License.

Ditch the receiver, watch via Iplayer if you must or similar and because your not receiving live broadcast you don’t need a license.

Write or email the BBC trust and say if they do not stop harassing you you remind them of the malicious communications act 1988 and you will take them to court for harassment.

They will say they have noted your complaint and apologize and ask you to contact TVL.

Capita are nosy private company that like to take the piss-give your name only as the occupier

they will not harass you for 2 years.

Be warned their door step sales man are pieces of shit who have become notorious-say nothing and close the door. Even if you have nothing to hide-they will stitch you up

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