Other Advice

Citizens Advice

Have been around for years and recently they have taken over Consumer Direct ‘s job regarding Consumer Protection.

If your issue can be dealt with via email or telephone then your likely to get a faster response as local offices are generally over subscribed.

Their advice is free and staff are generally well informed and helpful




Public departments

such as NHS

Patient Advice Liaison Service and often an independent advocacy service- switchboard should be able to provide details.

If you feel that after complaining your complaint is not resolved, then there is the Health and Parliamentary Ombudsman

Regulated industries

These will often have a professional body that conducts investigations into accusations regarding it’s members professional behavior.

Banks/Financial Products and Insurance FSA

Energy Suppliers OFGEM

Communications http://www.ombudsman-services.org

Other Professionals who may help

Your local MP can be contacted by email or phone, though your more likely to get a response by visiting a drop in clinic many MP’s run each month.

Solicitors sometimes offer a free consultation, though their services are chargeable you may be eligible for Legal Aid if the solicitor offers it.

It is important to find out costs involved before instructing a solicitor to write letters or issue proceedings.

Law Centres

are not-for-profit legal practices providing free legal advice and representation to disadvantaged people.

The Bar Pro Bono Unit

is a charity which helps to find pro bono (free) legal assistance from volunteer barristers.

Disability Law Service

Run by and for disabled people DLS is a registered national charity. We have provided high quality information and advice to disabled and Deaf people for over 30 years.

Disabled people and their families, carers and advocates, are all welcome to contact our helpline for advice.

Legal Aid Finder

The list isn’t exhaustive as their are many specialized charities and organizations that can assist in specialist matters!

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