Locate Dodgy Dealers

Okay we have dealt with the scenario where by you know the location of the person who you had a purchasing problem with.

But what happens say for instance if you:-
a) Sent a cheque to a po box number.

b) Bought of ebay and didn’t pay by paypal.

c) Bought off a website or even a forum member.

d) Go to their office and they have gone.

They appear to have disappeared, but usually with a little investigation most can still be located-Just use the pieces of the puzzle you know to fine more pieces.

Name and Location is enough to go and do a Search for People, Businesses and Places – 192.com check which will pull up electoral roll etc.
(Proprietors name, email addresses, forum profiles, etc etc should give you a name and search location)

Bank transfer you can find out the persons branch (hopefully close to where they live) via sort code.

Websites you can do a whois lookup at nominet for uk websites go here Nominet
If their details don’t come up as a trading individual-tell nominet they are running a business here
Nominet – FAQ
Hopefully they will no longer be able to opt out out and you have an address.

If the site is running fraud, you can use nominet to contact site hosting company

If they have moved, phone their old neighbours via 192.com (this costs, but is well worth it if your owed hundreds)and if they opted out of electoral roll a visit to their local library should help as you can view records.

Insolvency Service would be another good place to check The Insolvency Service Website check for disqualified directors and bankrupt’s etc

Companies House for a check of company and directors
WebCHeck – Select and Access Company Information

Po Boxes are handy to hide behind and if used illegally contact their local sorting office and explain the issue.

Google name and contact details so for instance you know

qwerty12345 has a mobile number of 07978 999 999 and as 07978999999 so try the persons details and see what pops up. People may change location and keep existing mobile number which they post in adverts etc.

Try the email address and see what you can find.

Ebay and Social networking are also potential private data leak sources.

Roadside Sellers are dumb enough to change phone number and park vehicles for sale in same locations-get your mate to phone and ask to view.
(magnum pi style tail them home)

Registration Number – some people are dumb enough to post it on internet and it can prove useful if they use as a forum login.

Highlight rogue traders
Consider a blog and possibly a website highlighting your problem with a company,stay factually accurate to avoid problems. Owners of a certain Japan 4×4 did this to highlight engine issue.

Safest way to pay on the internet is by credit card, this must be direct transaction and not through paypal or similar third party -as you loose your visa / mastercard rights.

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