Trouble Shooting

1) A4 pad write all details so far and time and dates etc – keeps important details fresh, stick to facts only written down eg.

11:05am 13/11/10 contacted mr blogs at daily motors and explained the following issues with the vehicle.

Mr Blogs said bring the vehicle in on 15/11/10 at 16:00 for him to inspect

2) Advice Guide is Citizens Advice Bureau
They will explain your rights legally as a consumer and legal terms such as “Satisfactory Quality” and “Fit For Purpose”
1)Advice Guide very handy website for your rights as a consumer

If you don’t like 0845 numbers then SAYNOTO0870.COM – Non-Geographical Alternative Telephone Numbers

2) Depending on what the outcome is you may be presented with option of repair,replacement ¬†repair & partial refund -personally if you have had poor customer service or the item is defective by design reject it for a refund is way to go-you don’t want more dealings with a dealer who won’t even look!

(if the item is brand new and faulty you have more standing than an item that is 6 months old for rejecting it)

3) Consider after the current agro if you got a refund – on vehicles RAC or AA inspection next time.

4) if they repaired it satisfactorily then again a result.

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